"I was quite taken with Orange Moon, a 2D action-platformer with RPG elements, when I first stumbled across it last year."

- Joe Donnelly, Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Find your way through landscapes of Orange Moon, 2d action platformer game with RPG elements and puzzles, full of dangerous native life forms, raiders, remnants of alien civilization and harsh environments.

Search for a new life and natural resources, deploy beacons for mining drones, and find ancient alien artifacts that will help you in your exploration of Orange Moon.

Augment your explorer to make him suitable for upcoming challenges, upgrade weapons and ammunition with ancient alien technologies and materials you'll find in your journey.



  1. 10 Levels With 4 Types Of Bosses;

  2. 7 weapon types, each with its own ammunition and upgrades;

  3. Upgradable weapons and ammo - more than 50 upgrades;

  4. Upgradable equipment with more than 15 upgrades;

  5. Carrying capacity for ammunition upgrades - 12 upgrades for each type;

  6. Different ammunition types - incendiary, explosive, armor piercing;

  7. World inhabited by different types of enemies, from carnivorous plants to smart robotic mining equipment;

  8. Each enemy has its own weaknesses and powers. Most enemies can be killed with different types of weapons, but only one is most efficient against each given monster. Some types of monsters are even immune to particular damage and using weapon with that damage would be a waste of precious ammunition;

  9. Buy ammunition and upgrades for score earned by killing monsters and collecting resources and finding secrets;

  10. Different types of hazardous environments. Acid swamps, moving toxic clouds, deep craters with deadly inhabitants which nobody had survived to tell about, plants that burn under your feet, all these will introduce additional challenge to a player;

  11. Unlock new weapons with Moon Resources Corp. points;

  12. Each level has 1 - 3 puzzles to solve


Main Theme - Orange Moon
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Orange Moon, home to native life forms, raiders, remnants of alien civilization and harsh environments. Below are some most dangerous species of Orange Moon you will encounter in your journey.

Moon Piranha vulnerable to all damage types, especially fire damage. Pretty common for Orange Moon.

First encounter with Piranha will be on lvl 4.

Recycler - the first boss that you will encounter. Drops upgrades and ammo when killed. Recycle will appear on lvl 5.

Loader - first serious foe of Orange Moon that you'll encounter. Loader mini boss is available in Orange Moon v0.0.1.2, level 3.

High health - 200HP, awards 100 points.

Drops fuel if killed with headshot. Usually holds terminal keys.

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