Focus the green in your competition’s envy. Betelgeuse Zero knows that branding needs to be better than memorable – it needs to be supremely enviable.

Betelgeuse Zero has the technical and creative know-how to take what you’ve got and make it work – or – we can partner with your guys to develop and create a new brand that everyone will instantly identify with your company. We’re expert at communicating your service or product’s essence at a glance, but better – we’ll do it in a way that captures a positive association and will be unlike anything you’ve seen on the market. Betelgeuse Zero multimedia design, software company, is 100% deliverable.

X-Marks Logo Design
Online Jewellery store Logo
RatedRR Logo design
Northern Sounds logo
Minds Unbound logo design
Groove Boxx logo design
Corsair Games logo design
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Online Jewellery store Logo

The elegant linework in the logo design and the echoing images establish a sense of the arcane. The logo’s intertwining metal hair motif conjures ideas and concepts for Celtic myth, and underscores the hidden, secret nature of the “finds” that Red has made and is presenting to the public.